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What is the Fatal Four Programme?

The C.A.R.S (Changing Attitude on Road Safety) programme was developed following feedback from schools, parents and young people regarding the lack of engagement and education around the issue of road safety, It became clear there was a need for a comprehensive programme that spoke to young people in a relevant, contemporary and informative way; incorporating all aspects of road safety. This feedback has led to the AA Driving School taking a multi module approach to road safety education that focuses on the reality of learning to drive and real behaviours of young drivers. The C.A.R.S programme considers the pressures and distractions that young people face, along with their attitudes towards road safety and delivers an all-inclusive experience that aims to educate and inspire. The course incorporates elements of the theory & hazard perception tests and provides practical experience sessions for those under 17 years old, along with additional modules for those young people who already drive. There are also additional modules that provide education on vehicle maintenance and car ownership.


What is our Vision?

Our vision is to encourage young people to engage more effectively on the subject of road safety. Our interactive and engaging ‘Fatal Four’ workshop focuses on the four main behaviours (Speeding, Drinking and Driving, Using your Seatbelt and Using your Mobile Phone) that contribute to young people being killed or seriously injured (KSI) on UK roads. By attaching a personal “Character” element to these behaviours and combining the use of modern technology, interactive activities and social media, we want young people to engage with the characters to help influence them to improve their behaviour and prevent the dangerous consequences of their actions. What happens to our fictional characters will be determined by the audience. Their journey starts here!

Unlike other road safety workshops, the learning doesn’t stop there, The C.A.R.S programme uniquely enables the learning to carry over into real life experience with theory & hazard perception and practical driving modules. This opportunity provides further education and understanding of road safety and driving skills to young people, ensuring they are safer on UK roads. For those who have yet to start driving, it gives the best possible start in their journey in learning to drive.


What is our Objective?

The objective of the C.A.R.S programme is to prevent young people being killed or seriously injured (KSI) on UK roads. We want to encourage young people to discuss, influence and change the behaviour of themselves, their peers and family for the better when using the road, thus ensuring our roads will become safer in the future for all that use them.