The Challenge

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To make this simple, we’ve split the challenge up into four easy to follow steps.

First off, read each of the four profiles with their supporting facts and materials.

Come up with an idea for a witty, clever or serious video about the Fatal Four.

Then take out your mobile phone or video camera and capture your idea in beautiful motion picture.

Finally, Upload it. You can either upload it via this site, or the Fatal Four App.

Already got a video? Why not upload it.

Allowed files include MP4, MOV, AVI

The Rules

Don't Swear

That's right. No profanities. Just don't do it or your video won't be considered.

Fatal Four

Don't think about doing any of the four things discussed on this program. Defeats the purpose if you do.

No Hooning

We don't want to see any videos of you driving dangerously either. You aren't Ken Block.

Underage Driving

Definitely don't be driving if you aren't of legal driving age.

Get the App

If you want to upload videos straight from your phone without having to put them on a computer, download the Fatal Four App from the Apple or Android store. The app also enables you to watch other submissions on the go.